Myokinesthetic Technique

Rebalance Your Nervous System...

Reset the Body...

Relieve the Root Problem...

Using a Non-Invasive Approach.

A revolutionary technique is now available!  Dr. Antonio Salinas has been formally trained and certified with a new technique proven to be non-invasive and safe therapy providing further pain relief and wellness.  This technique focuses on clearing the peripheral nervous system of the body and restoring overall posture.  This technique can also treat a variety of symptoms involving organ function and so much more.

This approach allows Dr. Salinas to treat the specific pathway from the muscles to the corresponding nerve root of the spine.  When muscles are tense from chronic repetititve motion from everyday life, they create postural imbalances.  This forces muscles over time to move joints out of place creating chronic issues in patients.  By removing the "muscle memory" along all the muscles of the nerve root, relief may be felt in as little as one treatment.

Questions regarding the Myokinesthetic System?  You may contact Dr. Salinas via email at [email protected]


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